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Founded by two Latin teachers, Contubernales collaborates with academics and those passionate about the ancient world. If you would like to join our team as a contributor, please get in touch.

Garrett Dome

Founder / Editor

Zachary Sowerby

Founder / Editor

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Our Contributors!

A.M. Juster author, Gerytades

Aaron Poochigian contributor, Gerytades

Himadri Chatterjee author, Essays on Ibsen

Erik Robinson translator, Kings of Rome

Joanna Thornhill contributor, Cōnfessiōnēs

Stefano Vittori author, Mēdēae Daemones

Marina Garanin composer, Mēdēae Daemones

Luke Ranieri contributor, Mēdēae Daemones

Alexandre Feye contributor, Mēdēae Daemones

Joshua Freed contributor, Utopia

Anthony Gibbins author, Sodālēs

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